Large lipsense case interior
Large pink lipsense case
Red pro case with strap
LipSense Pro Case - LARGE (holds 195 colors + storage!)
Red, pink, purple and teal lipsense cases stacked

LipSense Pro Case - LARGE (holds 195 colors + storage!)

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These cases are the bomb!!💣💣💣 Trusted by thousands of SeneGence® distributors internationally.

Our cases are engineered specifically to hold LipSense®, ShadowSense®, BlushSense®, Glosses, Lip Volumizer®, Lip Balm, LashSense®, and LashSense® with UnderSense® (see the "Large" size for 3 bonus compartments which can hold other skincare products, business cards, Fooops! Remover®, samples, etc.)😱

⭐ Holds up to $5000+ in products!!
⭐ Holds tubes upright
⭐ Impact safe
⭐ Safe to store upside down (keeping applicator from drying out)
Helps moderate temperature
⭐ Professional looking
⭐ Sturdy build
⭐ Convenient carry strap included
⭐ Optional locking latch keeps kids out!
⭐ Optional super cute lips printed on case
⭐ Hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee

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